See below a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):


How many people are employed at Orrcon Steel

There are over 750 people employed at Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp, across 33 sites nationally

Why do customer's choose Orrcon Steel?

Orrcon Steel strives to provide a personal touch. We look after our customers and follow through on what we say we will do. We value our customers business


Can I powder coat directly over the top of the printed tube mark?

The tube mark is a requirement of AS/NZS 1163 Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections to ensure product traceability in structural applications.  To achieve a durable painted finish and avoid bleed through Orrcon Steel recommend that the tube mark is removed.  The tube mark can be removed by using a suitable solvent, such as methylated spirits or a mechanical method.  Orrcon Steel offers ALLGAL PCQ® without the printed tube mark which eliminates this issue for customers with automated pre-treatment and powder coating processes.

How do I repair welded areas of ALLGAL® coating?

Sections of ALLGAL® coated areas that have been welded can be repaired by thoroughly wire brushing and cleaning the weld zone and applying a zinc-rich primer paint such as Liquid ALLGAL®

Is ALLGAL® suitable for powder coating?

Yes, ALLGAL® or ALLGAL PCQ® is compatible with most pre-treatment processes. Consult AS4506 Metal Finishing - Thermoset Powder Coatings and your powder coater for more details.

What is the expected durability or life expectancy of ALLGAL® coatings?

Durability is not a ‘guarantee’ of time but a technical consideration based on the function of the structure, the design, the environment it is installed in as well as any contaminants and any micro-climatic factors that may arise.  Guidelines to estimate the durability of zinc coated steels are available in the following Australian and ISO standards:

  • AS2309 Durability of galvanized and electrogalvanized zinc coatings for the protection of steel in structural applications – Atmospheric
  • AS2312 Guide to Protection of Structural Steel Against Atmospheric Corrosion by Use of Protective Coatings
  • AS4312 Atmospheric corrosivity zones in Australia.
  • ISO 14713 Protection against corrosion of iron and steel in structures - Zinc and aluminium coatings – Guidelines
What precautions do I need to take when welding ALLGAL®?

ALLGAL® and Clear-Tec coatings are designed for low fume, low spatter welding. Please refer to the Welding Technology Institute of Australia Technical Note No. 7 for Health and Safety in Welding guidelines (WTIA website:

What recommendations do you have for painting over ALLGAL® product?

ALLGAL® is readily able to be painted. Refer to “Painting Galvanised Steel” and AS/NZS 2312: Guide to Protection of Structural Steel Against


Do you make more than tubular products?

We specialise in making tubular products across precision and structural. We also have in our range of hot rolled structural, including merchant bar, and imported galvanised pipe.

Does Orrcon Steel make all it’s own products?

Orrcon Steel makes a majority of the products it sells, but it does import a range of larger pipe and other large structural products.


Does Orrcon Steel have ISO accreditation?

Yes - we have ISO9001:2015 accreditation.


Where can I purchase Orrcon Steel products

We have a number of branches and stockists located throughout Australia.

View our Contact Us page for your nearest branch or stocklist locations.

You can also call 1300 677 266 to talk to your closest Orrcon Steel or Metalcorp branch


Why does Orrcon Steel sponsor a car in the Supercar racing program

Orrcon Steel strives to deliver a special relationship with our customers. The racing program enables us to get closer to our customers and by inviting them to join our team at the race track we can offer a special experience that is not available to regular V8 fans.


Are there equal opportunities for all in Orrcon Steel?

Orrcon Steel has a strong policy to recruit based on merit and promote within, based on performance.

Are there opportunities for changing roles to other areas in the business?

Orrcon Steel has a range of diverse areas in the business that enables employees to pursue new opportunities for development and personal growth. Being part of the BlueScope Steel group of companies, there are also opportunities to move into other businesses in the group.

Does Orrcon Steel encourage a diverse workplace?

Orrcon Steel is committed to creating a diverse workplace that is fair & flexible; promotes personal & professional growth & enables employees to enhance their contribution to Orrcon Steel and the wider BlueScope Steel group by drawing from their different backgrounds, beliefs & experience.

Does Orrcon Steel provide good wages?

Orrcon Steel continues to ensure all employees are paid a fair and competitive rate, considering their skills and role within the organistion.

What are the most important things that Orrcon Steel values in its employees?

We want our employees to be able to come to work and do their job in a safe environment and return home to their families without incurring any injuries. We look to our employees to:

  • Have respect for each other
  • Act with integrity
  • Work safely and in a safe environment
  • Value-add to the business
  • Lead change for the better
Will I have fun at work?

Orrcon Steel is a dynamic and relatively young business that values employee input. We like to have a bit of fun at work and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow workers.